boys? you mean sex toys that are rude and don’t even vibrate? no thank u

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This is so important I can’t even put it into words. 

Not all Christians are closed minded assholes.

Not all Muslims are terrorists.

Not all atheists are anti-religion jerks.

Happy christian noises

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one time i actually thought i had a chance with someone 

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no offense but my favorite hobby is staying hydrated and beautiful 

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Hannah Hart and Tyler Oakley attend the 2014 GLAAD San Francisco Gala

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Dean checking out a poodle.. | 9x05: Dog Dean Afternoon

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clara’s outfit appreciation post

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  • mam: have you made friends?
  • me: i've made nice i don't have to sit alone friends but not overthrow capitalism and start a feminist revolution friends


Drawings by Miguel Angel Oyarbide, artist from Madrid, Spain. 

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every day:

  • go outside to feel the sun (5-15 minutes is recommended)
  • if there is no sun step outside and inhale fresh air
  • drink water - the more cups the better
  • listen to one song that makes you happy
  • talk to one person you like - do not hesitate to reach out
  • stretch; don’t forget about your body
  • smile in the mirror

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